RIVAL your value management platform: prepare, value, license

RIVAL is designed to make it as easy as possible to track manage and monetize the value created by your biopharma company.

Under a deceivingly simple look and feel RIVAL harbours many features that help you to accomplish your valuation and licensing project goals. Below we will list the main features to make sure this is the value management platform for you.


RIVAL offers many features simplifying the valuation of your pipeline and optimizing your licensing deals

Asset Valuation

Valuation per asset that can be broken down into geography and indication. It also shows NPV, rNPV and IRR per element and asset.

Sensitivity Analysis

Following the asset valuation, a sensitivity analysis can quickly be carried out per key sensitivity . This feature allows the you to get a quick view on the impact of changing input parameters.

Rationale Storage

Rival allow to store the rationale of an input parameters for easy reference, review and audit.

Team Tools

It is possible to share tasks and have different team members take care of different data entries. This allows teams to complete the projects quickly and seeminglessly.


  • Architecture Security
    The RIVAL servers and databases, are based on AWS services.

  • Data Transfer Encryption

  • Database Encryption
    RIVALS database uses PostgreSQL running on Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS). RDS uses the industry standard AES-256 encryption.

  • Password Encryption
    RIVAL uses one-way hashing and salting to store passwords - it is considered the best practice for password storage.

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Licensing Modelling

RIVAL quickly generates the deal terms and value splits of (future) licensing deals.

Pipeline Management

RIVAL shows the user the entire pipeline breakdown in a single dashboard.

A graph showcasing rNPV change over time

Track Over Time

Value development over time is tracked.

Company valuation benchmarking feature screenshots


RIVAL offers its users to requests for bench marking valuation data from comparable public or private companies.

Investor Matching

RIVAL allows the user to request for contact details of relevant investors for the company.